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checked midi skirt and graphic tee

Checked midi skirt and graphic tee

I am an office girl and I have a lot of office appropriate clothes in my wardrobe. But I love dressing them down to effortless urban looks like this one. I paired this fairly elegant skirt with a casual graphic tee for a relaxed but still worthy look. I paired […]

pleated midi skirt and sock boots

Pleated midi skirt and sock boots

I assiduously refused to admit that autumn has come, and did not post any fall outfit until now. But the truth is that it’s become so evident that I cannot hide anymore. So I updated my wardrobe for the season, because after all there is a huge advantage of fall: […]

slip dress
Wear with care!

Wear with care! The slip dress

Following the line with this new “Wear with care” column, where I am sharing how to wear the same item in different outfit, today I am presenting the slip dress (I wore it before here). Well, there are many ways to wear a slip dress: alone, on top of a […]

Zakynthos travel tips
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Five reasons to take your summer vacation in autumn. Zakynthos tips

Today I am giving you five reasons why you should take your summer vacation in autumn: Because it is cheaper, as it is low season. Because it is less crowded. Because it’s a good way to cheat a little, and make summer feel a little longer. Because it’s fun to be […]

polka dots


I remember, as a child, my mom made me a polka dotted skirt, which I was finding too childish and simply hated it; while she could’t see anything more sophisticated than that. Well, what could I do, I let her think so. Years later, I find polka dots feminine, seductive, […]


Fall 2017 wishlist. FewModa

Want it or not, autumn is already here. And though we all love summer and want it to be endless, autumn has its own magic. In terms of styling, this season is perhaps the most appealing with a lot to offer. It is cold enough to allow for chic layers […]

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A beach outfit

Hello, dears! I hope you are well, because I have an amalgam of different feelings. We are on Zakynthos (Zante) island in Greece with both of our families (mine and my boyfriend’s) and the island is studded with wildfires. Well, we are out of any danger; but it is quite […]


Wear with care. Pink ruffled skirt

Fashion today is all about consumerism. Especially because social media influencers have gained so much visibility and the competition is utterly high, they should wear memorable items in order to stand out. And memorable usually means one-time use. But what do we do with those items after? How wise and, […]


6 Reasons To Fall In Love With Diamonds

We’ve all heard that diamonds are any girl’s best friend, haven’t we? But, what is it about these gemstones that women go mad for? Let’s take a look. 1. Diamonds Just Rule, Okay! There really is no getting away from the fact that diamonds are simply the best. They are […]

birthday girl

Birthday girl

Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know that last weekend I celebrated my 23rd birthday. I had a wonderful day, due to my beloved ones and, of course, thanks to you, who sent me so many beautiful birthday wishes. The only regret is that it’s been some […]