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5 things I learned in 2017
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5 things I learned in 2017

Hello, dears! And Happy 2018! I have been disconnected for a while, and I apologize for my absence, but during the past two weeks I lived a real life. Real people, real emotions, real smiles. The online world is charming, as nothing seems impossible here; but it can be extremely […]


MAGIC. The sequin dress

If I was to highlight one thing that makes me the happiest about blogging, then this is the possibility to do whatever I like. I can wear things I never had the chance and the context to wear. With Un bouquet d’amour, I am the creator! I choose the outfit, […]

basic pantsuit
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Monday favorites. Back to basics- the pantsuit

Though I often appreciate and seek for pieces with a twist, I am also a very much basics’ person. When time is limited, my imagination is having a crisis or fast fashion has just saturated my mind, a basic pantsuit is always an option. Even though you might not agree […]

body confidence
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Social media and body confidence

In the era of social media and virtual life, “standards” are being encrypted in our minds obtrusively, without even giving us the chance to choose. The paradox of nowadays’ culture of achievement is that no matter how much you work, your precarious self-esteem is just one Instagram picture closer and […]

full midi skirt

How to wear a plaid full midi skirt?

Hello, dears! I am so sorry that my three-times-a-week schedule has been completely blown away by some health issues, but better later than never. So let us enjoy the Wednesday post on this rainy Thursday! But to make the day more beautiful than it really is, I prepared a super […]

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Gift wishlists: practical or tacky?

I spent this morning preparing a long, elaborated Christmas wishlist to be presented to my boyfriend these busy pre-Christmas days. And because I come from a not very pragmatic culture, doubting thoughts immediately start traveling around my mind and questioning the grace of such intentions. Is it practical to ask […]

denim jumpsuit

How to wear a denim jumpsuit

Hi, dears! I am really sorry for the long absence, I’ve been a little sick lately, but I am better now and I’m back. I know some bloggers shoot many outfits ahead, but I am working full time and the only I am usually shooting on Sundays (if I’m lucky […]