Author: Corina

electric blue trousers

Electric blue

Zara trousers, Pieces belt, Zara shoes, Love Moschino bag I caught him, we finally met! To be honest, I don’t know for how long. Our love is strong, passionate, consuming, irritating, mind blowing; just like in those books. He comes from time to time, spoils me, we spend some wonderful […]

Embroidered bomber and culottes

Embroidered bomber and culottes!

Β Day embroidered bomber jacket (similar), Zara culottes, Zara shoes Happy Valentine’s Day! I did not prepare a guide of the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit, because I think anything may go if it’s creative and if it’s you! But though my outfit today is not a red dress or a sexy […]

chic winter outfit

Staying chic in winter!

Won Hundred dress, Truffle Collection Boots, Zara Turtleneck, H&M hat (similar), H&M gloves, Asos belt, & Other Stories bag, Valentino sunglasses Several days ago Facebook was reminding me of the picture I posted on the same day last year. And you know what? There were spring flowers from the park […]


From snowy Moldova

Zara knitted dress, Zara coat, Zara boots, Zara bag, H&M belt, Zara glasses As you all probably know, Europe has been covered by heavy snow lately and, you know what?, this is magic! Despite all the problems and difficulties this weather is causing, it is still magic. It reminds me […]

golden globes

Golden Globes 2017

Hello there! I guess you already realized that my vacation is going really well and is getting way too long, as my absence here is becoming way too noticeable. Well, I apologize for that and I am coming with star shine today. The Golden Globes 2017 have passed, I made […]


Happy New Year!

What a beautiful day! We are getting close to the end of 2016 and I have some summarising thoughts to share. 2016 has been long, intense, challenging, and, obviously, beautiful. Today, I am thankful to the Universe for this 2016 and optimistically waiting for 2017. For many years, the 31st […]


An office outfit

2nd Day pants, Zara turtleneck, Topshop coat, Parfois bag, Zara shoes Hello, dears!Β Only one day till we are going home! Yay! Celebrating New Year’s Eve with our families is absolutely wonderful. Lots of people, food, and laughter…the last one is the main ingredient of a perfect holiday. My mom and […]


What do colors say about us?

Stine Goya pants, 2nd Day coat, MSGM Milano shirt, Zara shoes, Parfois bag Hello, dears! How is your Christmas preparation going? Mine is a mess, but, you know, an exciting one πŸ™‚ . Well, in between cleaning, cooking, buying and wrapping gifts, my love and I found some time to […]


Wearing mini…

Zara blazer, Sister Jane skirt, Supertrash boots, Asos belt, Zara bag Christmas is almost here andΒ we are summing up the 2016 experiences. I count the achievements and am reconsidering my steps in order to do what I haven’t done this year. And normally, I would be nostalgic and write something […]