Because they are women…

Why we love women?

“Because they have round breasts, with nipples that come up through their blouses when they’re cold.

Because they have big and cute fat buts.

Because they have nice faces with children traits,

Because they have full lips, decent teeth and tongues that aren’t gross.

Because they don’t smell like sweat or like bad tobacco and they don’t sweat on their upper lip.

Because they smile to every little child that they pass by.

Because they walk straight on the street, with their head up and their shoulders pulled back and they don’t respond to your look when you stare at them like a maniac.

Because they get over all problems of their delicate anatomy with a great courage.

Because in bed they are daring and inventive not out of perversity, but to show you that they love you.

Because they make every annoying work at home without bragging or asking for any gratefulness.

Because they don’t read porn magazines and they don’t surf on porn web-sites.

Because they wear all kinds of beads and stuff that they match to their clothes following complicated and in-understandable rules.

Because they draw and paint their faces with an artist’s attention and concentration. 

Because they have an obsession for being slim, just like Giacometti.

Because they come out of little girls.

Because they use nail-varnish on their toe-nails.

Because they play chess, whist and ping-pong without caring who wins.

Because they drive attentively well-polished cars, that look like candies and when they stop at the traffic lights and you pass in front of them on the zebra-crossing, they can’t wait for you to admire them.

Because they have a way of solving problems that drives you crazy.

Because they tell you “I love you” when they love you at least, like a sort of compensation.

Because they don’t masturbate.

Because they suffer a little from time to time: rheumatism, constipation, blisters…and then you realize suddenly that women are also human beings ,just like you are.

Because they are extraordinary readers, for whom three quarters of the world’s poems and prose are written.

Because they’re crazy about “Angie” from the Rolling Stones.

Because Cohen drives them nuts.

Because they are always at war with cockroaches and no one knows why.

Because even the toughest business-woman wears lace-and-tiny-flowers underwear.

Because it feels so strange to put your wife’s underwear to dry , some wet things, black ,red, white, being surprised what little surfaces they cover.

Because in movies they never take a shower before making love, but just in movies.

Because they never agree with you regarding the beauty of another woman or another man.

Because they take life seriously, because they really seem to believe in reality.

Because they are really interested in who with whom hangs around in the VIPs world.

Because they remember the names of actors and actresses, even if they appear only once in scene.

Because they don’t think of how to screw the hot guy they see in the underground.

Because they drink stupid things,like Martini Orange, Gin Tonic or Vanilla Coke.

Because they only pinch your butt in ads.

Because they are blonde,brown-haired,red-haired, sweet,warm, cute, because they come every single time.

Because if they don’t have an orgasm, they don’t say they had.

Because the best moment of the day is the coffee in the morning, when for an hour you both nibble cookies and plan the day.

Because they are women,and not men and not anything else. Because we come out of them and we return into them, because our mind, like a big, heavy planet, forever and ever, revolves only around them. (Why we love women?).”

Well, this was not the plan. It should have been a normal blog post, which follows all the SEO rules, and speaks about the gorgeous outfit. But as soon as I started editing the pictures, various phrases from this book just jumped into my head and were swarming around, not letting me write a word. So I followed the flow and inserted a citation from the biggest Romanian bestseller of the latest 20 years: “Why we love women?” by Mircea Cartarescu. It has been translated in more than seven languages and it is one of my favorite books. And since no other text had the chance to be typed in here under these pictures, find the book, and do read it. It is inspiring! It is one of the books that made me feel thankful for being a woman.

Outfit details: Uterque dress, Zara blazer, Zara shoes

Outfit details: Uterque dress, Zara blazer, Zara shoes

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