black dress

The black dress

Self-Portrait dress, Zara shoes

Lying sick in my bed, listening to the rain and reading my “The woman destroyed” by Simone de Beauvoir, diligently making plans about the kind of woman I want to be and about the favorite black dress.


What do I love most about these days? You are you. The rain is playing the soundtrack of your movie, and you…you are writing the scenery- your biggest masterpiece that will never see the light. You make a list of the books you “will” read and you put yourself unthinkable limits of time….because when you are watching the rain, the time – your time – seems infinite. You promise yourself to visit your parents more often, but you don’t wanna call them now, because you need to be alone. Suddenly you want a cake, and you make it…well, not the best one…but who cares?… Then you definitely decide not to eat anymore cake ever again, and to train…much, hard, three times a week…no, if you really want it, you can do it 5 times…nooo, let’s make it a way of living and do it every-single-day. Yes, you can, it’s a deal!

On this rainy day, you dream about him, you decide to never fight regarding unimportant things again, you decide to love him more, to give him more, to be his muse; you think this is how it works. 

And you need a dress. You need a dress that will suddenly take you out of the plaid layers, force you improvise a seductive coiffure, put a dramatic lipstick and go conquer the world! You need a dress that will suddenly make you a woman…beautiful, sensual, elegant…and black! 

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P.S. Wear that black dress, look like a swan, feel beautiful, feel free, be a woman!

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