Happy New Year!

What a beautiful day! We are getting close to the end of 2016 and I have some summarising thoughts to share. 2016 has been long, intense, challenging, and, obviously, beautiful. Today, I am thankful to the Universe for this 2016 and optimistically waiting for 2017. For many years, the 31st of December, at the crossroads between years, every member of my family is writing a letter to himself- the person he/she wants to become in the year to come. This letter exhibits our wishes and dreams for the next year. Big or small, brilliant or silly, we put all our hope in these pieces of paper. My mom is then gently putting them in a box and keeping them until next year, when everybody opens his/hers and makes conclusions on his/her performance. Well, I prepared a list of wishes to write. Normally it’s only me who reads my letter, but I decided to share it with you today, so I have no way but do everything I have planned. 

So, for 2017, I want:

  • a healthy family and healthy friends;
  • my blog to become a success;
  • outstanding work performance;
  • to be with my sister on her birthday;
  • to bring my granny to Denmark;
  • to have all our family together at least for one day;
  • to initiate a business;
  • to be a good friend;
  • to have good friends;
  • to come home as often as possible;
  • to visit Asia;
  • and to travel, in general;
  • to be disciplined and go to the gym 3 times a week;
  • to buy loooots of shoes;
  • to get the highest grade at the Danish exam;
  • to do something for my country;
  • to be an outstanding law student;
  • to finally learn to use those damn Search Engine strategies;
  • to be indulgent and to share love with everybody;
  • PEACE on the Earth!

This is my list. Nothing supernatural, nothing spectacular; it is just humane…

I wish you, my dear readers, a happy and prosperous year! May love and hope be with you! Dream big, jump high and never ever betray your dreams!!! I thank you all for being here! Happy New Year!!!

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