retro look

La vie en rouge

retro look

I have always been sensitive to retro looks. I don’t know why. I follow the trends and I really love being up-to-date when I create my outfits. But on the other hand, nothing makes me feel more comfortable than a look with a retro vibe, no skirt is more feminine than a midi one, and no jewelry is more beautiful than a vintage one. This infinite source of elegance and modest sophistication is simply seductive. It’s unexplainable, as I never lived in 50s or 60s. Or maybe this is the exact reason- the desire to touch something that I will never have the chance to really live, to be a part of something that is already gone?

retro look

With that being said, I decided to go all-in when I created this look and not only make it retro, but also red. Because, yes, I wanted it to be feminine, strong, passionate, funny, old-fashioned, attractive, impertinent- EVERYTHING! And if there is one color that embodies everything- this is red. And I created my Vie en rouge.
retro look

Outfit details: & Other Stories skirt, Zara shoes and bag
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  1. Wow this dress is so beautiful! Gemma x

  2. I love this retro inspired look. That skirt is simply amazing.

    Her Hive

  3. Looking stunning in this all red look!

    Agnes x


  4. Your dress is too cute here. Love the pairing with those white shoes. So chic


  5. Corina, you look amazing in this outfit! Red may be bold but always looks amazing on photos!

  6. Such a beautiful dress! I adore combination with these sunglasses and shoes! You look gorgeous!


  7. You look so classy and elegant in this red and white ensemble. The shades really tie the whole look together.

    Rina Samantha

  8. I am loving all the red and the vintage feel of the entire look!

    Jessica |

  9. omg I am in love with that color!! 🙂

  10. You look absolutely beautiful in this dress. I agree, not look is more feminine that the vintage/retro look…feminity was celebrated more than it is today, imo. I love vintage fashion as well.