MAGIC. The sequin dress

If I was to highlight one thing that makes me the happiest about blogging, then this is the possibility to do whatever I like. I can wear things I never had the chance and the context to wear. With Un bouquet d’amour, I am the creator! I choose the outfit, I create the story, the pretext, and ultimately, the fairy tale! Furthermore, this platform has given me courage to wear whatever I like even when I go beyond the boundaries of this digital surface, and to encourage the wonderful women that follow me to do the same. So today, my friends, we want to be divas. Because, after all, when if not now, during this holiday season? I suggest you to be shining in the night between the years and enter the new Year stronger than ever, more confident than ever before! Choose a perfect sequin dress, the suitable jewelry, create a classic Hollywood look, and enter the New Year ready to conquer it!

Outfit details: Asos sequin dress, Zara sandals, Vintage jewelry

flower print outfit


  1. Being a diva in sequins suits you so well. You look so gorgeous!
    I agree, love the fact that we have creative freedom to wear and talk about whatever we want through our blogs.

  2. you look great!

  3. You look beyond gorgeous! I love this dress on you and how you styled it!
    Julia x

  4. Such a beautiful dress! You look simply stunning.
    Julia x

  5. Gorgeous dress! I love the glam!!!

    With Love & Style,
    ♥ Amber

  6. DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!! You look soo beautiful and ready to party int his dress girl!!



  7. You look glamorous in here. The dress looks unique and amazing.

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