An office outfit

2nd Day pants, Zara turtleneck, Topshop coat, Parfois bag, Zara shoes

Hello, dears! Only one day till we are going home! Yay! Celebrating New Year’s Eve with our families is absolutely wonderful. Lots of people, food, and laughter…the last one is the main ingredient of a perfect holiday. My mom and my granny have asked me a million times about what I would like to eat when I get home, and they are in an absolute panic that I still didn’t give them an answer. My dad is getting ready to pick us from the airport and he does not allow anyone to interfere with this important job. Sis has prepared some hand-made gifts (mom could not help herself and told me) and is waiting for mine, hopefully not hand made :). She knows I am the only one to buy her whatever craziness she wants. My aunt and her family have already packed to move to our place for several days, because, what the hell, Corina is coming! Not to mention my boyfriend’s parents who haven’t seen him for a year now, and who are definitely more excited than ever. Well, I think you already got it: the vacation promises a lot, and so does the New Year.

Well, before I wish you a Happy New Year in another post, I decided to show you a nice office outfit. Because, working in an office does not have to be boring. At all! And yes you can wear lipstick, I guess….anyway, if not everyday, I am sure you can go a little rebel during the holidays season. And because I know that many of you go directly to the pictures, I am not going to say too much and let you see them. Enjoy!

office outfit

office outfit



flowe print outfit



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