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San Diego. The Sunset Cliffs.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin {EN} As those of you who follow me on Instagram already know, last summer my boyfriend and I had a wonderful trip to the United States. So I thought it might be useful to share these moments with you in a series of following posts, […]


The red suit

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Zara red suit, Boohoo boots, Zara bag {EN} I have always had a special kind of feeling towards this passionate red color, as I see it expressing everything, so elaborate that it can only be worn by very complex personalities. As beautiful and inspiring as […]

the sock boots

Trend alert. Sock boots

Zara blazer, Boohoo jeans, Boohoo sock boots, Zara bag, Six jewelry, H&M belt, Valentino sunglasses {EN} I believe that one of the most sensual part of a woman’s body is her ankle. Fine and tender, if exposed correctly will only stress your elegance and sophisticated nature. Because only the finest knowers […]

ruffle sleeves

Four reasons you need ruffle sleeves

Zara shirt, Zara jeans, DKNY bag, Zara shoes, Asos top {EN} The fashion month has ended and we are wrapping it up: it is all about statement sleeves. Bell-shaped, bishop-inspired, flounce or ruffled- they are an absolute must have of the season. But today I am directing my attention to the […]


International Women’s Day

Zara coat, M.I.H Jeans, Boohoo boots (sold out, similar here), Zara hat, corset, and bag “Whether women are better than men I cannot say- but I can say they are certainly no worse” Golda Meir {EN} Happy Women’s Day! It is a wonderful day, and it is much deeper than flowers, […]


Big city life

{EN} Ok, maybe not big, but life..oh there is a lot of life in this beautiful city. Life gets another dimension in Copenhagen, because this city functions in a completely unique way. It has its own soul and a very specific heartbeat. After three years of living here, I am […]

La blouse roumaine
Fashion, Lifestyle

La blouse roumaine

{EN} We finally got here! It’s spring, and it’s wonderful! We all have been waiting for it for such a long time. And yes, I know that the weather is still the same and nothing really changed. But is it true though? Because I feel that everything changes inside me. I […]

sequin skirt

Sequin skirt

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Asos White sequin skirt, Zara shoes Truth be told, sequin is not really my type of fabric. Rarely do I wear it. Or, actually, this is the first time. Coming from a Eastern-European country where fashion means sparkles, I developed a reluctant attitude to any excess […]

electric blue trousers

Electric blue

Zara trousers, Pieces belt, Zara shoes, Love Moschino bag I caught him, we finally met! To be honest, I don’t know for how long. Our love is strong, passionate, consuming, irritating, mind blowing; just like in those books. He comes from time to time, spoils me, we spend some wonderful […]

Embroidered bomber and culottes

Embroidered bomber and culottes!

 Day embroidered bomber jacket (similar), Zara culottes, Zara shoes Happy Valentine’s Day! I did not prepare a guide of the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit, because I think anything may go if it’s creative and if it’s you! But though my outfit today is not a red dress or a sexy […]