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bangs hairstyle
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Baggy and “bangy”

I was wearing: Zara sweatshirt dress, Topshop jacket, Supertrash boots This outfit is probably the best mean to present you my new hairstyle. They say bangs are extremely popular and wearable this year. While I am not quite sure whether this is the subconscious reason I am having them for, […]

black dress

The black dress

Self-Portrait dress, Zara shoes Lying sick in my bed, listening to the rain and reading my “The woman destroyed” by Simone de Beauvoir, diligently making plans about the kind of woman I want to be and about the favorite black dress.


We are rich!

No, no..this post is not about winning the lottery, this post is about people, about people that I am proud to speak about today, and about people that could be an example for any of you.

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His shirt…

Abercrombie & Fitch men’s shirt, Zara jeans and bag, Asos shoes What can be more sensual than a woman wearing her man’s shirt (or…who knows?..maybe other man’s) ? Be it after a long passionate night, on a creative day, or just because she suddenly ran out of clothes (for the […]

fall outfit

Golden fall

Sitting by the table, drinking my favorite tea and trying to write something related to this fall outfit. Honestly, my boyfriend took these pictures of me in lovely Copenhagen, but when I look at them, my thoughts go to falls in my beautiful Moldova. Not that autumns are not beautiful […]

Saona Island paradise place Caribbean turquoise waters
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Turquoise- my favorite color since forever. But what a pleasure when you see it so real, so close, so pure.. on Saona Island. Psychologists say turquoise creates balance and stability, it brings harmony and builds love for the world and for yourself (source).  Those of you who are following me […]


Windy happiness

I was wearing: I Love Friday flower print top and layered skirt, Supertrash boots (similar here) It’s been almost 2 weeks since I returned from my longest trip to my home country in the last 3,5 years; but I haven’t get to do any job around my Copenhagen home until today. Launching […]


The velvet boots!

I always associated velvet with luxury, elegance, and nobility. The subtile, fine gloss of this fabric gives any piece a seductive flair. Needless to say, the velvet boots are the most popular trend of this cold season. Precious, elegant, hot, and even perverse; these beauties are less pretentious than they seem when it […]


Hello world!

My name is Corina Culeva, I am 22 and I come from a small, beautiful country in Eastern Europe- Moldova. I have just been awarded a Bachelor degree in International Business and Politics at Copenhagen Business School, and I am currently living in Copenhagen.