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That pencil skirt!

ZARA pencil skirt, Oasis jumper, Zara shoes, Love Moschino bag, H&M brooches Hello, dears! I am truly sorry for the long absence. Rainy and sad Copenhagen makes it extremely challengeable to shoot beautiful and colorful pictures, especially when you are not a profi. But you know what I thought about? […]

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Masculine femininity

Selected masculine suit, Zara bag, Zara shoes, Six earrings The history of women wearing suits is just fascinating. We’ve created controversy, we’ve attracted eyes and we made the suit one of our safest style weapons. From the 1870s, when actress Sarah Bernhartd scandalized Paris by wearing a trouser suit, from the first […]

carrie bradshaw skirt

The skirt and the city

Asos skirt, Zara shoes, Zara bag As I was walking my way home after a generous dinner with one of my girlfriends, fairly tired of too many stories, I still came to think about how relationships break. What do you say about shutting up from time to time? We really do […]


The recipe of happiness

I just got some books from my dearest friend, browsed them in an admittedly superficial way, and came to a conclusion (admittedly superficial :)). And this conclusion is not related to those specific books, who, though intended to direct my mind somehow differently, still did a good thing and challenged […]

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Zara coat and jeans, Topshop boots, Zara bag, Six hat, Asos belt As you already know, several weeks ago, when we had elections in Moldova, we’ve been to Berlin for voting. Berlin is a wonderful city, which contrasts the historical and modern buildings in such an organic manner. It is […]


Tiger stripes

KENZO for H&M skirt, Zara bag, Six brooch, old but loved shoes I just launched the blog but I am already finding myself in the need to apologize for the absence. When I planned this project, it was meant to give birth to at least three posts a week, and […]

bangs hairstyle
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Baggy and “bangy”

I was wearing: Zara sweatshirt dress, Topshop jacket, Supertrash boots This outfit is probably the best mean to present you my new hairstyle. They say bangs are extremely popular and wearable this year. While I am not quite sure whether this is the subconscious reason I am having them for, […]

black dress

The black dress

Self-Portrait dress, Zara shoes Lying sick in my bed, listening to the rain and reading my “The woman destroyed” by Simone de Beauvoir, diligently making plans about the kind of woman I want to be and about the favorite black dress.


We are rich!

No, no..this post is not about winning the lottery, this post is about people, about people that I am proud to speak about today, and about people that could be an example for any of you.

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His shirt…

Abercrombie & Fitch men’s shirt, Zara jeans and bag, Asos shoes What can be more sensual than a woman wearing her man’s shirt (or…who knows?..maybe other man’s) ? Be it after a long passionate night, on a creative day, or just because she suddenly ran out of clothes (for the […]