We are rich!

No, no..this post is not about winning the lottery, this post is about people, about people that I am proud to speak about today, and about people that could be an example for any of you.

Not so many people know about an extremely important event that is now taking place in my country and in my life- presidential elections. And no, it is not about Donald Trump. It is about elections in the Republic of Moldova. Though this event does not have the mediatic advantage of the American elections, it is as important and even more dramatic for this small country, where people are desperately in need for a change, and this change desperately needs to be good.

Following this short introduction, I want to tell you about the Moldovan people. Poor, sad, bent by the history and humiliated by its own leaders, the Moldovan people found its forces to revive as a phoenix when nobody believed, when it was squeezed of any hint of dignity. The diaspora mobilized like never before in order to make people come and elect their president. People from different parts of the world, where the Moldovan state did not open a voting section, have to travel hundreds and thousands of kilometers in order to exert their right to vote. These elections have united us as never before, and I do believe that they have made us stronger and wiser. 

We are rich! Moldova is rich! The world is rich! These people have demonstrated extreme civic responsibility, and even if we cannot make it this time, we are more optimistic than ever and now we know that we are strong. The hope is with us today and forever! This overwhelming mobilization of the Moldovan people make me so proud, so proud that I want to speak about it, sing about it, scream about it! This is called Love!

Dear Moldovans. I now take the chance to thank you for everything! I am so proud for being born amongst you! I love you!

P.S. We are in Berlin. We came all the way from Copenhagen because there are no voting sections there. We want, therefore, to thank the incredibly kind Irina and Ruslan Esanu for welcoming us in such a warm and cozy manner. 

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