The recipe of happiness

I just got some books from my dearest friend, browsed them in an admittedly superficial way, and came to a conclusion (admittedly superficial :)). And this conclusion is not related to those specific books, who, though intended to direct my mind somehow differently, still did a good thing and challenged me (to challenge you, why not?) to this discussion. I want to talk about books that teach us to live our lives. You know, all those attractive titles like: “The secret of…”, “10 steps to….”, “The lesson” (I do not mean specific books, these are just conceptual examples).  

I know they are written by extremely intelligent people, and I am sure we all have something to learn from those texts. But is it really that simple? Does anyone really imagine that reading one of those books will bring him on the happiness way? I just feel that nobody can teach us how to live our lives, or, at least, not in such an imperative way. I read books myself, and I love them, and I learn from them. But I prefer to make the conclusions myself, to contemplate, to imagine myself in the landscape of the story and to live the story. And sometimes, I think that the world has gone crazy, people have become unhappy, people have become lazy to draw conclusions themselves; while other people have become smart by selling the recipe of happiness all around. Well, I am sure there is no recipe. I know they say it is better to learn from others’ mistakes, but, on the other hand, I think that the real way to learn something is to do your own mistakes, to burn from time to time and to revive like a phoenix when you are ready. But spending two hours studying “the 5 secrets of love” will never make you a phoenix, and your revival will never be as triumphal.

Now let’s get to the outfit. I must say that if books cannot make you happy all in a breath, shoes obviously can. And they do. These boots especially…they are just perfect. And I bet that somewhere there, there is a smart guy writing a book about the shoes that bring you happiness. Well, dear Smart Guy, please, send that to me…this is the recipe I might believe in :).

flowe print outfit



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