carrie bradshaw skirt

The skirt and the city

Asos skirt, Zara shoes, Zara bag

As I was walking my way home after a generous dinner with one of my girlfriends, fairly tired of too many stories, I still came to think about how relationships break. What do you say about shutting up from time to time?Β We really do not have to speak everything out. Though I believe that people should talk, and problems should be discussed…maybe there are words out there that should never be said? Maybe if we say those words, they might become a point from where there is no way back. We all know that love and hate are just one step apart and offensive words could well be that step. It could be so simple…we’ve got to never offend each other, to not say words that hurt to tears.

Facts build love, but words… words kill it. Shall we then be more tolerant, more indulgent? Our tongue is sometimes our enemy!

I guess you already noticed that my stories are not necessarily about my outfits. However, this time, I saw the outfit in a somehow “Carrie Bradshaw style”, remember that green tulle skirt in Paris? So the words about relationships and the fancy outfit may well form the landscape together :), and the landscape is obviously complete as soon as you pay attention to those shoes. This fabulous tulle skirt is from Asos, and you can find it here. I paired it with Zara shoes and minaudiere, both made of the must have fabric of the fashion scene today- velvet.

After I got completely frozen, I put a leather biker jacket on me, because it harmoniously contrasts with the innocenceΒ of the tulle skirt. I did not add any other accessories besides the earrings, as the skirt and the shoes are statement pieces already, and any additional intervention would make the entire outfit look kitschy.





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