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KENZO for H&M skirt, Zara bag, Six brooch, old but loved shoes

I just launched the blog but I am already finding myself in the need to apologize for the absence. When I planned this project, it was meant to give birth to at least three posts a week, and I am already having problems with doing that. There are a lot of things going on now in my life, and I am looking forward for the moment I can speak about it. Anyway, let us get to our muttons, all those unimportantly indispensable things for any woman :).

The H&M’s designer collaborations are always making us extremely curious and intrigued. But this year the swedish brand has definitely surprised everybody with the cool wildness of the KENZO for H&M collection. Prints, colors, interesting cuts…this is all about being different, being special.

Wearing such a statement piece as this skirt is gives you two choices: you either go further in this craziness and mix it with other interesting and colorful prints and accessories, or you make it the resistance piece of the outfit and you mix it with something neutral. For this outfit, I chose the second option and tempered the foolishness of the skirt with a basic white shirt; but I didn’t forget about other two major trends of this season: the fishnet tights and the brooch. This could be an interesting outfit for any “with a twist” office girl.








flowe print outfit



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