The velvet boots!

I always associated velvet with luxury, elegance, and nobility. The subtile, fine gloss of this fabric gives any piece a seductive flair. Needless to say, the velvet boots are the most popular trend of this cold season. Precious, elegant, hot, and even perverse; these beauties are less pretentious than they seem when it comes to styling, being extremely versatile.

I am absolutely in love with this must-have, as I think they add so much (missed) femininity to any outfit. In this outfit I contrasted the textures: fine but heavy velvet, silky skirt and a warm cashmere sweater make up the warm but chic styling of this season. It is though a very strong fabric, and I preferred not to add any useless accessories, thus making the velvet boots the only resistance piece of the look.

dsc_0081 dsc_0056



But velvet boots look stylish in any combination, and hotties like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have successfully shown us this fall that a single piece can make the entire outfit. Here is a selection of some beautiful velvet boots for you. Make sure to let me know if you chose any and how you wore them.

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