Wearing mini…

Zara blazer, Sister Jane skirt, Supertrash boots, Asos belt, Zara bag

Christmas is almost here and we are summing up the 2016 experiences. I count the achievements and am reconsidering my steps in order to do what I haven’t done this year. And normally, I would be nostalgic and write something melancholic. But I am having an extremely happy day today, and my overwhelmingly beating heart does not even allow me to be fluent :). They say, writing comes flow when we are a little sad or nostalgic, when we suffer a little bit. Well, I don’t know about suffering, because that is a word that rarely can be attributed to my optimistic personality; but being nostalgic really helps. 

So no “soap” today :)…just a pretty outfit. I don’t know if you noticed, but I really love double breasted blazers, I find them extremely feminine. Having paired it with a mini frilled skirt, I reduced some of its elegance and made it a versatile piece. Needless to say, over-the-knee boots are my all times favorites and I can see them in almost any outfit. Watch it, enjoy it, reproduce it (see the links to same or similar items at the beginning of the post)!

flowe print outfit



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