Dare to wear. Yellow skirt

Living in a Scandinavian country comes with a lot of beautiful things: beautiful cities, high living standards, a vibrant lifestyle..s.o. But what this package does not include are colors. I mean, how can an entire nation wear all-black, all day, all year long? As chic and timeless as it may look, black may be boring if it is not put in a creative context. I prefer playing with beautiful, joyful, vibrant colors; especially now that summer has come. A colorful environment pleasantly appeals to people’s mindset. So I would say go ahead and Dare to wear!¬†joyful yellow, passionate red, vivid green or pretty pink.

Outfit details: Love Moschino t-shirt (similar), Max&Co yellow skirt, Zara bag and shoes

flowe print outfit




  1. You look amazing in this yellow skirt!! I love the look!


  2. That midi skirt is a dream. I love love the color and the fabric looks amazing!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com