The lady…

I was wearing: H&M old shirt, Lost Ink dress, Zara velvet over-the-knee boots, old scarf converted in a turban
What does it mean to be a lady? And what does it take? Is this an already “passé” concept or it is something that will never die? Many questions come into my head when I think about how-to-s in the art (or science?) of being a lady, but something is certain: the modern lady does have the right to imperfection. Maybe this is what is perfect about her?
  • She is polite, but that does not stop her from telling the straight truth
  • She may be as conservative as needed, but as sexy as she wants
  • She may be fashionable, or not…
  • She may know everything, or be perfect in her mediocrity
  • She may listen to classic music, or she may be a rock star

A modern lady maybe whatever the hell she wants, if only she assumes it! And what is more important, she will never pass unobservable, be it because of her stunning outfit, strong attitude or both.

Leaving the extremely “intelligent” thoughts about ladies aside, I am hereby presenting you an outfit I absolutely love, and which represents me so much. And I know that I just refuted the stereotypes regarding a lady-like presence, which means that never can you judge by her outfits, but come on….this outfit IS the one :). White shirt, a fine lace dress, beautiful boots and bag, statement earrings and… his elegance- the Turban… 

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flowe print outfit



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