From snowy Moldova

Zara knitted dress, Zara coat, Zara boots, Zara bag, H&M belt, Zara glasses

As you all probably know, Europe has been covered by heavy snow lately and, you know what?, this is magic! Despite all the problems and difficulties this weather is causing, it is still magic. It reminds me of childhood. My sister is extremely happy that I am home during these days and, I swear, she is simply exploiting me with outdoor winter games. But…God, I like to be exploited by her, and I infinitely appreciate these moments.

Of course, my red boots are not suitable for games, but the entire outfit keeps me warm and is friendly contrasting with the cold outside. Well, I might have mistaken again by choosing a head to toe Zara outfit, but how can I help myself when it’s cheap and chic? 

flowe print outfit



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  1. Corina | 31st Jan 17

    love this!

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