Here and now!

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I met her on a tenth day of rain in Copenhagen. Not that it’s surprising, but nobody gets used to being infinitely bothered by small clouts of cold water on his brain. So the day was gloriously announcing a depressing week. She was drinking her coffee at an outside terrace, and she was doing it annoyingly enjoying. On a Monday! Accurate black straight jeans, black cashmere sweater…and that fur coat that you see on old ladies in Denmark… Her white hair was only betraying the years that ran heartlessly in front of her. But her face, her face was bright! And she was bright! She was so relaxed and so inspiring, that I sitted by the next table and took a tea, though it is not as chic. And she dared to speak to me, to break my tea moment (in English!!- she didn’t even give my conscientiously studied third module of Danish a chance)… Did I already mention that she was annoying?

Well, she asked me, which are the most valuable moment, the most significant place, and the most important person in my life. I must say I didn’t like her swoop upon my moment of apparent stillness and I didn’t understand what exactly in my behavior called for her acute intervention, but, as a diligent student of an ex-communist society, I tried to quickly produce a smart sounding answer to her impertinent question. Well…she continued in her already obvious manner and maneuvered it for me: “Oh, skat (darling in Danish), the most valuable moment of your life is now, the most significant place in your life is here, and the most important person in your life is the one that you are with here and now!“. And, just like that, all in a breath, she arrogantly awarded herself the title of the most important person in my life…
That was the last reluctant thought I had, before I woke up to the real life and finally realized what she said…

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