Staying chic in winter!

Won Hundred dress, Truffle Collection Boots, Zara Turtleneck, H&M hat (similar),
H&M gloves, Asos belt, & Other Stories bag, Valentino sunglasses

Several days ago Facebook was reminding me of the picture I posted on the same day last year. And you know what? There were spring flowers from the park near my house. As hopeful as I got regarding an imminent spring weather, my entire happiness was blurred next day by the abundant snowfall and heartless cold that invaded Copenhagen. But though winter is quite firm about its long stay here, I am just as firm about staying chic and wearing those heels! :) 

I made a chic winter outfit, which is also warm. Because who said we cannot wear dresses on this weather? Combined with a turtleneck and with these super long boots it becomes quite a good weapon against cold. And though you might seem fully dressed and not sexy at all, I think that not showing any part of your skin might be even more sexy, as it adds mystery. By the way, do you know where the boots end? And maybe they are fastened with an eye-catching (talking about the lucky eye, of course ) portjartier?….

flowe print outfit




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