Electric blue

Zara trousers, Pieces belt, Zara shoes, Love Moschino bag

I caught him, we finally met! To be honest, I don’t know for how long. Our love is strong, passionate, consuming, irritating, mind blowing; just like in those books. He comes from time to time, spoils me, we spend some wonderful days together, and then….then he disappears, leaving me heart-broken again. He seems to melt in clouds, rain, and fog…and I cannot forget him! But I always feel him, I know he is somewhere around, spreading light over my path, even if I don’t see him. I feel him giving me power and hope. And I always tell him: “I love you, Sun!”.

For this meeting I had to wear something strong, something visible. So I put those electric blue trousers. This color is starting to be a must-have today. Just like the wide leather belt. I put a leather jacket, took my “springish” bag, sunglasses, because I was sure I would not be able to help myself and not cry at first sight of this rendez-vous (and you know, we’ve got to never show them our tears), and flew on the wings of love and joy!

P.S. Now that you’ve discovered who my lover is, please, keep that secret!

flowe print outfit

photos by: Laila Zeton Gomez



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