3 Tips For Stacking Bracelets

Do you love bangles? Do you love stacking bangles? Check out these fun tips for
pulling of the style.

Top Tips for Stacking Bracelets

Jewellery stacking in general seems to have gained a great deal of popularity, like
wearing a couple of rings on one finger to even layering different necklaces. Give how
we change our jewellery to suit our outfit and mood, this is one trend that’s not going to
grow old any time soon. So, your wrists should be considered, too!
Wearing a couple of silver bracelets for women who are fashion-forward is nothing
new. And today’s fashion gurus have found that you don’t need to stop when it comes to
your bracelet collection. Mixing metals, colours and materials works just as well for
bracelets as it does for necklaces and rings.
The end result can be anything from rock and roll chic to BoHo cute. This doesn’t mean
you should grab every bracelet you can and put them on all at once. Well, you could,
but it’s more about which bracelets you choose to wear. Here are a few suggestions to
keep things stylish.

1. Keep it simple

If you’re just starting out with stacking bracelets, you may feel more comfortable with
just 3 or 4 pieces that sport a unifying trait, like bracelets that have all the same colour
and width. Or, you may want to mix chains and cuffs, but all in the same metal. The best
thing to do is experiment on one arm before trying to stack bracelets on both. And
remember, your watch is also as a bracelet when it comes to stacking. So that’s
another easy way to start – play around with the arm you wear your watch and see
what looks good.
Another trick is to opt for a matching set of plain, thin bracelets to use as a base and
then mix and match the accompaniments to find a style you like.

2. Mix different materials

When it comes to stacking your bracelets, don’t go for too safe or too matching. Some
of the most striking looks blend the colours and materials for a stunning effect. So, mix
your white and yellow gold bracelets with confidence. In fact, throw in a thick leather cuff
as foundation for building on.
You could even mix solid bangles with beaded bracelets or mix up precious jewellery
with chunky costume pieces for a unique ensemble.

3. There is a limit

Typically, if you are piling on your bracelets, it’s a good idea to ease off on wearing lots
of other items, especially rows of stacked rings. If you plan to accessorise both arms,
you may want to consider wearing less bracelets on each arm than jazzing up both.
Extreme layering works best with monochromatic outfits.
Also, consider where you are going and what you plan on doing. You don’t want to
make enemies at work when you jingle around all day. Also, make sure you dress
appropriately for the workplace, including your jewellery choices.
Stacking your bracelets is an easy way to breathe new life on old pieces, too, and
change your style up from one day to another. So, put your twist on things and have fun
with the look.

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  1. Oooh, what a unique yet handy post this was. I have always found that the only time I really reach for bracelets is when I stack them, and when I do, it always looks off. Thus I don’t every do it. I think it’s because I’m mixing different widths of bracelets and the material (meaning chain vs. simple band) and I think this makes the stack look uneven and off. I’m going to try stacking them like you recommended and see if that works better!


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