Forced to be creative

Blogging has taught me a lot of things. One of them is to always reinvent myself. But this reinvention has to come naturally, by flow, and not be forced because truth is artificial creativity is just as empty as a hollow laugh (the reason why this post is published on a “no post” day). A struggle all bloggers have is that creativity is unfortunately not a constant, it comes and flies, and more often than not we find ourselves in the position that we just run out of ideas for new appealing content. But because blogging is also a business, more often than not we have to force something out, to fit into the schedules even when our heads and hearts are completely empty. This is where the content suffers, and this is where the audience feels the dishonesty.

While really wanting to make this platform a full time business, I still want to have genuine content. Content that is artistic, but still commercial enough to generate some touchable gain. And because life is crazy nowadays, problems are countless and routine- oppressive, the one best thing about being a blogger is that part of my job is to constantly feed myself with inspiration, to carefully take care of my soul- give it good books to read and wonderful people to love. I force myself to see beauty in every little thing and to make it my drive. Because, besides being commercial, I want my content to be more than just clothes, I want people to see beyond my pretty shoes. I try to have inspirational photographs, that tell a story, because I always imagine a new character when we are shooting. I literally give her a name, a story, and, of course, a look. I feel her sadness and find excuses for her sins. And I hope this is why you are here with me, supporting me all the way through this amazing journey. Thank you all for that!

Outfit details: & Other Stories red suit, Zara shoes, vintage Chanel scarf (similar here), Iulia Albu earrings, vintage bag
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