Brooch Wearing Styles to Complement your Outfit

The brooch is possibly the most underestimated fashion accessory of all and depending on how it is worn, it can have a range of effects for the wearer. This articulate item of jewellery has a touch of stodginess associated with it, which comes from the old days when stiff upper lipped aristocratic women, but with the modern look, the brooch most definitely has its place. If you are always uncertain how best to wear a brooch, here are some helpful hints on how to get the best out of this fashionable, yet effective fashion accessory.

  • Mix the Old with the New – A vintage brooch can look very elegant when combined with a modern, or contemporary outfit, and with online jewellers that have unique and beautiful designs on offer, you can select something that complements your outfit perfectly. Alternately, if your outfit is dated, a modern brooch will produce the desired effect.
  • Correct Placement – Although the standard location of a brooch is to the left or right of the breast, a centred accessory can do wonders for a stylish evening gown. If you would like to see some images that demonstrate how a brooch can be placed, there are many fine examples online, and an image search will help you to decide on placement.
  • Brooches and Jackets – If you are wearing a sporty blazer or stunning outdoor hunting attire, then a prominent brooch can safely be worn on either side. If you plan to wear a smart business suit, then a jade brooch would be the ideal choice, as it adds some necessary colour and depth to the already streamlined professional look.
  • Bag Decoration – If you can think outside the box, a brooch is not exclusively for pinning to your clothing, and a carrying bag of any kind can be brightened up with a stylish brooch. A nice circular pearl or jade brooch would look perfect on the centre of the overlap fold, and most bags would look more appealing with such an accessory. If you would like some inspiration on the effective placement of brooch placing on bags, there is an informative article that can give some good ideas on how to add some colour.
  • Bright Colours – Sometimes an outfit is crying out for colour contrast, and while this can be accomplished with a wide belt, a brooch is the ideal accessory to do this.  Large brooch might work with a sporty outfit, and for something a little more formal, a small brooch with a precious stone inserted would be more than effective. Don’t be afraid to experiment with coloured brooches, and rather than buying right away, take a small piece of the right coloured paper and place it where the brooch will be worn, which will give you a sneak preview. If ever you would also like to experiment on antique brooches to go with your outfit, you can visit trusted antique dealers or consult the experts at Kalmar Antiques in Sydney, Australia.


Brooches are often overlooked as a fashion item, yet they are now becoming more common, especially on the catwalks of Europe. If you would like to browse, there are online jewellers that have a wide range of brooches that are suitable for every occasion.

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