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Casa Oliver- your chic place in Lisbon

casa oliver principe real b&bYou already know that we have recently been to Portugal and if you are following me on Instagram, you must know by now that I absolutely fell for this country and for the entire experience. But let me start with the beginning at tell you about the amazing hotel that hosted us in Lisbon- Casa Oliver, which has been partly guilty for the relaxing and refreshing time we had in Lisbon. The property is a 19th century building, with individually decorated rooms with retro yet very modern designs.

The room

We had a huuuge room, which, after all the eye measuring work we’ve performed, proved to be as big as our ENTIRE apartment. Can you imagine? Not to mention that it faced the fantastic Jardin of Principe Real. The room features a super chic Marshall retro looking radio (which can also be bought), which plays a kind of a fusion between fado and jazz, which simply takes you out of your daily routines and forces you to just relax and enjoy. Actually, every little thing in the room is made for that, not to mention the staff’s dedication, who simply went out of their way to make us happy.

I always have a book or two in my bag, but rarely do I have time to enjoy them, because city breaks are usually very intense for us. But this time, I was waking up earlier in the morning, sacrificing one hour of sleep, just to enjoy some pages and a cup of coffee in the superbe cradle chair. Did I mention that they have a coffee machine in the room and a very consistent mini bar?

casa oliver principe real b&b


But don’t you think that if they have a good mini bar and fridge, they would cut back on the breakfast, because it was AMAZING. I am strongly inclined to say that it was the best breakfast I ever had in a hotel. It is served in the perfectly decorated Room of Palms, which will instantly get the status of treasure if you are always craving for inspiring shooting locations like I am. But besides its aesthetic value, the room hosts breakfast options for any diet preferences. As I strongly believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I always have a very serious approach to choosing my board and I was surprised to have everything I needed for a healthy, nutritious meal. We had everything from soy and almond milk (highly appreciated by moi), to fresh fruits and freshly baked Portuguese pastries.

What’s around?

Now, if we speak about the surroundings, Casa Oliver is perfectly located in Principe Real district, the most trendy region of Lisbon. Besides the amazing views, that will definitely have your heart, if you are an antiques’ lover like me, this is your place. Cute little shops everywhere, not to mention the stunning Embaixada shopping center, which looks more like an art gallery, and is right next door. Bairro Alto district with all its fado bars is just 10 minutes walk from the hotel and basically everything you need is in walkable distance.

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Casa Oliver has been a wonderful surprize for us and if you like, small, cozy boutique hotels like we do, better bookmark this page and get back to it when you plan your trip to Lisbon. And if you never thought of Lisbon as a destination, please, think again, because it is simply magic. But more about this in a future post, because this city is worth a whole article and even more.

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