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As a creative person, when it comes to visual, touchable things, I get bored immediately. This is why I rarely wear the same outfit twice. That doesn’t mean that I only use my pieces once: I just recombine them, change and create new looks. My house decor never stays the same. I buy n thousands accessories so I can play around with them and create new compositions. In the past 6 months I changed my hairstyle 4 times (I know it looks the same to you).

But some things should always stay the same. Every weekend I meet the same friend in the same tired cafe and eat the same goat cheese salad. Then I go and buy flowers in the same flower shop at the corner near the train station. Every New Year’s Eve we have the same schedule, and every trip home has the same itinerary. And there is absolutely nothing wrong about listening to the same stories my (hopefully) future father-in-law is telling us for the one hundred and thirty eight millionth time, and nor is it bad to sit around with the same friends, discuss the same mean girl and plan the same never-happening trip to Bali. I love having traditions and routines. We change, but these small things are the bridge between yesterday’s you and the you of tomorrow. They are a anchors to our souls. People who have completely changed, and do not carry at least a small piece of their history with them over life, are very questionable identities to me.

“Certain things, they should stay the way they are. You ought to be able to stick them in one of those big glass cases and just leave them alone.” J.D.Salinger

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