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Ciao, Venezia!

Buongiorno, ragazzi! We are having a wonderful time in Italy and I wanted to share this with you, guys. Before, when I was travelling, I was always eager to make the trip as organised as possible in order to mark as many places as possible with “been there”. I guess it was a reminiscence of the culture I come from, as you’ve really got to be rich to travel the world, if you live in Moldova. For that reason, when travelling, I always had the feeling that it was my duty to see everything in that place, because I would probably never come back. Today I know life is generous if you dream big, and everything you want will definitely happen, if you are persistent. So today I like enjoying the time when travelling, I like not to be impelled by a rigid plan, I like being spontaneous.

Now back to Venice. To be honest, I wanted to make a kind of a travel guide in this post, but now I realise that the best thing to do in Italy is to have no plan. Just follow the road and your instincts. However, I do have several suggestions for you:

  1. Do not spend too much of your time visiting the popular sights. They are way too crowded and that becomes quite overwhelming, especially in the hot season. The not so central places of Venice are just as beautiful as the heart of the city (maybe even more), but definitely more pleasant to explore, as you can feel the real Italian atmosphere and find some cozy hidden gems.
  2. Even if you are really hungry, try to avoid the central restaurants. They are overpriced and the food is very low quality.
  3. Eat Gelato and drink Aperol Spritz! For better results, repeat at least three times a day!

Now a little bit about my outfit. Doesn’t it look really Italian? It does for me :). The print and the shape of the dress are perfectly fitting in the landscape. I figured the head accessory would be perfect for the look, together with the lately very popular raffia bag. As crowded as it is, Venice still has hundreds of quiet narrow streets, with no people around- a blast for those who do not want strangers in their photos :).

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Outfit details: H&M dress, Zara bag, Asos shoes, Zara headband

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