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Fall 2017 wishlist. FewModa

Want it or not, autumn is already here. And though we all love summer and want it to be endless, autumn has its own magic. In terms of styling, this season is perhaps the most appealing with a lot to offer. It is cold enough to allow for chic layers and comfy knitwear, but warm enough to keep it easy and not steal from you any desire of being stylish when all you want is to forget about fashion and just wrap yourself in something warm. And then, the colors are the comfiest and the styling options are endless in autumn.

Today I decided to share with you my fall 2017 wishlist, as fall is always a serious, powerful and beastly long-lasting thing here in Copenhagen, and it should be treated as such. All the items are from a very chic brand I have recently discovered and immediately fallen in love with- FewModa– a New York- based brand with a sophisticated sleek aesthetic, unifying contemporary style with distinctive details and affordable prices. Here are some stylish options for this fall.

The sweater

At this point in time, it is wise to assume that everyone is building close knit relationships with her sweaters. Sweaters are not necessarily some massive, shapeless things that we can’t refuse from our grandma’. They are definitely your main styling weapons during fall and put wisely, can look elegant even when they really are shapeless.

The high waisted trousers

More versatile than you may have imagined, these pants should be your friends this autumn. They are not only suitable for elegant work outfits as you might have thought, but can easily be dressed down for a relaxed walk in the park with a t-shirt and sneakers, or even dressed up for a lovely dinner together with a cami top and feminine high heels.

The jumper dress

Elegant but warm, chic but cozy- jumper dresses are the all time savers during autumn. Your first helper when you (mercy on us!) run out of inspiration and your true friend when you want to play around a single piece with some edgy accessories.

The sleek shirt

We all have a hundred of shirts and we all need them. But aren’t we getting bored by the classic ones? I know, I know- less is more and classic will never run out of date, but why not add some twist?

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As you can see, the choices are endless and the plans are big for this fall. FewModa always makes sure to renew its stocks with new arrivals. Also, if you hurry up, you can still catch some nice sales items, and even get extra 40% off sales using the SALE40 coupon code. Now if you want to take advantage of the exclusive limited edition items, here’s a 20% off coupon code: LIMITED.

Happy fall and wise shopping!

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