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Golden fall

Sitting by the table, drinking my favorite tea and trying to write something related to this fall outfit. Honestly, my boyfriend took these pictures of me in lovely Copenhagen, but when I look at them, my thoughts go to falls in my beautiful Moldova. Not that autumns are not beautiful here, but I have never seen a golden, coppery, reddish autumn like in Moldova in any other part of the world (that I have been until now). You know, any season is clearly defined in a country with temperate climate. Here, in lovely Copenhagen, it is different. Therefore, I will tell you how full autumns are in Moldova. 

Autumn is the time when people harvest the plenty of fruits and vegetables they have been working for since the previous spring. It is the time of happiness and celebrations. The wine gets ready and the work gets done; and we, therefore, have time for parties. Weddings are the most beautiful and significant parties, not only because of their social and moral meaning, but also because they are the simple, nostalgic reason (besides Christmas and Easter) why Moldovans who live abroad come back home. They come to be happy along their sisters, brothers, friends, classmates… Nowhere in the world will you ever see weddings like in Moldova, this is a must-see in order to understand the vast and cordial culture of this country.

Fall is the time of nostalgy there, the time of melancholy: on the one side is the sadness naturally imposed by autumn and the afferent phenomena, and on the other side is the richness, abundance, and, finally, relaxation- because this is the time when the exhausted Moldovan start to actually rest. 

And colors…colors are more diverse than one can ever imagine. When you look at the landscape, you come to the conclusion that Fall is a woman. She is a woman in her mid 30s: wise enough to create this beauty, but still young enough to be such an inspiration. I will tell you more: she is a lady, she spreads harmony.


As for this fall outfit, it is a sin for a true fashionista, but I confess the appurtenance of every item to a single brand- ours truly Zara. Cheap and chic, always there and always affordable.. I hope that at least the thing that I borrowed the coat from my boyfriend will justify me and show some stylistic intention here :). All in all, I love it, and I guess this is what matters.

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P.S. The inspiration jumped so straight to my head that I didn’t even care that these pictures have been taken with my iphone and are not of the best quality; so, please, excuse my casualness.





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