Five things to do this fall

I came to think yesterday that this fall seems more beautiful than any others I have lived before. And nothing special is happening in my life to make me get this season on the piedestal. It is just my attitude. I have done some work with myself to see the beauty in everything, to be happy in any situation and to enjoy life with good and bad. I have always been an optimist, but now I am more than ever, I feel inspired by every single falling leaf and every single drop of rain. I am happy and I prepared a list of things to do this fall for you to feel the same.

1. Enjoy the lazy mornings

I know, I know we all want achievements. I know we are all rushing somewhere (do we even know where), but honestly, lazy mornings are made for falls. Arm yourself with some good books, a boyfriend who makes good coffee and cozy pyjamas. And I say books and pyjamas because you like it and you’ll want more. Boyfriends may also apply, you decide 😉 .

2. Drink pumpkin spiced lattes

Starbucks is your best friend in autumn. You will study here, read, chat with your girlfriends, run in to hide from the rain; so make a special coffee budget. Or, remember the above-mentioned boyfriend/s?, choose one who knows how to make good pumpkin lattes and you solved this problem too.

3. Write

And yes, this is the picture I meant to post, because falls are for romantic, melancholic handwriting. Like reading a proper paper book, handwriting is very special. It brings us to the deepest corners of our souls. Do we even remember to do that? Going back to that boyfriend, he’s got to inspire you, to be your muse, if you want, so you can actually touch those corners.

4. Cook

There’s nothing better than a warm home, smelling like pumpkin and cinnamon in the mild light of some candles, while the rain is slowly dripping into the window. Choose some recipes from your favorite food bloggers and enjoy the process. Needless to say, you will feel more inspired if you cook for someone. And here comes the famous boyfriend :).

5. Wander through golden woods

Finally, fall is for enjoying! Go out, because colors are there, life is there! Wander all the tiny streets, visit all the parks, get lost in all this breathtaking chromatics! And better take a camera and a friend with photography skills with you, because there will be scenes you don’t want to miss. It may also be the boyfriend, as a one-fits-all solution 🙂 .

As you can see, fall has a lot to offer. And what we need more than ever in fall is love. So yeah, a boyfriend will be very useful these days, and, between you and me, he is suitable for many other exciting activities that warm you up during fall. And yes, he’s got to be really skilled!

Outfit details: Vero Moda dress, Zara boots, NA-KD beret, H&M sweaterflower print outfit

  1. What a beautifully dreamy and tranquil post! I’m on board with all of your suggestions, especially enjoying lazy mornings and trying to cook a little more this season. Oh and of course, there’s nothing more peaceful than walking through golden woods!

  2. That outfit is on point ??? love every single detail ❤️
    and totally agree with ur whole list especially with the “walks through the colorful woods”

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