ruffle sleeves

Four reasons you need ruffle sleeves

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{EN} The fashion month has ended and we are wrapping it up: it is all about statement sleeves. Bell-shaped, bishop-inspired, flounce or ruffled- they are an absolute must have of the season. But today I am directing my attention to the beautiful ruffles, giving you four reasons to have them.

1. Childhood comeback. When was the last time you allowed yourself to feel childish? You might have given up all your ruffly dresses at a birthday party when you were 12. Well, it’s official, you can get them back!

2. They are feminine and romantic. What can better express our feminine nature? Layers, layers, layers…layers of our souls.

3. They add some drama. We are all drama queens and while you might want to keep that in, I suggest showing it out by wearing those dramatic sleeves. Let them know who they’ve got to deal with!

4. These sleeves are “loud, fun and attention-loving” ( No more words needed, The Trendspotter has said it perfectly.

Well now that you’ve got convinced choose between different sizes, shapes and amounts of ruffles. To avoid looking too sweet or too heavy, and to keep them in the spotlight, pair with some simple cuts: tailored trousers, boyfriend jeans or a pencil skirt for a grown-up look.

ruffle sleeves

{RO} Luna modei a trecut și, în retrospectivă, facem conștiincios bilanțul: mânecile statement au toată atenția noastră! De la cele în formă de clopoțel până la cele care abundă in volane, toate sunt un must-have al sezonului. Iar astăzi ne concentrăm pe volane și găsiți aici patru motive pentru care aveți neapărat nevoie de ele.

1.Copilărie dulce melodie. Când ultima dată v-ați permis să fiți copilăroase? Toate am lăsat probabil rochițele învolănate departe la o petrecere de ziua prietenei din cartier pe când aveam vreo 12 ani. Ei bine, este oficial, putem să revenim triumfător la ele.

2. Sunt feminine si romantice. Ce poate exprima mai bine natura noastră feminină? Straturi, straturi, straturi… straturi ale sufletelor noastre.

3. O notă dramatică. Toate suntem regine ale dramei! Și dacă nu ați arătat asta pâna acum, acum e momentul perfect!

4. Aceste mâneci sunt sonore, amuzante si iubitoare de atenție.

Ei bine, acum că v-am convins de necesitatea lor, alegeți diferite mărimi, forme si straturi de volane. Ca sa evitati look-ul prea dulce sau prea incărcat si ca să centrați atenția asupra lor, asociați-le cu designuri simple: pantaloni simpli, jeanși boyfriend sau o fustă creion pentru un look matur.

ruffle sleeves

ruffle sleeves

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  1. Wow! Lovely post and the pictures too-love it! I haven’t worn anything with ruffles in what feels like forever, so this has totally given me ideas! Perhaps I will try it out sometime! #Goodstuff!

  2. I love ruffled sleeves. They can add flair and panache and dress up a pair of jeans. They remind me of poets and writers and artists from days gone by. They are wispy and whimsical and romantic. Very nice article.

  3. I love ruffles! I wish I could find more clothing with ruffled sleeves. Your photos are beautiful!