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Get your linen!

Get your linen!

Summer is almost here, and we should me even more careful with the fabrics we choose. Personally, I would rather feel cold than hot (if they are comparable in any way), so feeling good during the hot season is a particularly hard task for me. So my secret is to always choose natural fabrics, but on top of my choice is the queen of all summer fabrics- Linen. It is a highly absorbent fibre, that keeps one cool and fresh.

I know you might be reluctant to wear it, as due to its property of immediate wrinkling, it sometimes looks too casual. But linen is actually a relatively luxe fabric, and linen garments being more expensive than the average offer. And no, my argument is not its price, but its sophistication. Not to mention the comfort it provides. With the right accessories and attitude, linen gives you a highly sophisticated, dare I say expensive look. And the good part is that you can find it EVERYWHERE this summer: from mass market to high end brands.

Believe it or not, my entire outfit is from Zara today (including accessories). As a person who literally hates shopping (yes, it is possible to hate shopping, yet love fashion), my biggest dream is to find everything in one single shop, and that one shop should be online. This doesn’t serve my blogging purposes in any way (as Zara doesn’t offer commission and I recently quit my job to blog full time), but who cares when the outcome looks so good?

Everything Zara: pants, shirt, bag, head scarf, earrings



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