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Give yourself a smile!

Did you give yourself a smile today? If not, go in front of the mirror and smile to the beautiful face you see, I’ll wait for you. Now remember the action and do that EVERY SINGLE DAY.  This is such a simple way to give yourself an energy boost for the day and to keep you positive. Because truth is, nobody likes heavy, gloomy people around them. So here are 3 simple ways to boost your positivity that will help you handle the crappiest of the days.

  1. Smile like a dumb

I already mentioned it, but I feel I need to stress this out so well that you actually remember it. Psychologists say that people can actually trick themselves and induce the feeling of happiness with something as simple as a smile. Now that’s a valuable piece of information! So everytime you feel low, erase the sadness with a smile.

  1. Only forward!

Can you change the past? No! Well, do yourself a favor and don’t dig there. Your life is not perfect, and it is not supposed to be. Enjoy the present and always look forward.

  1. Eat chocolate!

I guess this is when this bunch of words actually became meaningful. Yes, chocolate is proven to reduce stress and improve your mood. I’m telling you it was really worth to get to this last sentence here: now you have an excuse for all those late-night chocolate sins.

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