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Dare to wear: mixing prints

Out of all crazy trends, mixing prints might be the trickiest. Once a “faux-pas” and now a super star, only thinking about mixing two different patterns makes you see stars. But here’s a good news: you do not need a PHd in fashion to master the art of mixing prints like a real pro. So does animal print go with florals? Certainly, yes! But it depends on which animal print and which florals. So here are 5 simple rules to guide you through this “science”:

    1. Don’t mix prints. Mix colours

Make sure your chosen colours look good together. If they do, then chances are your prints will harmoniously complement each other. That being said, chose either the same range of colours, or complementary shades (which are opposite on the colour pallette).

   2. Same print, different colours

Mixing the same print in different colours will give an extremely fine and exquisite look and will probably make you the star of the party. Just don’t forget about rule no.1, and make sure your colours look good together.

   3. Same print, different sizes

Just imagine, a poplin shirt in small gingham under a cotton jumpsuit in the same but bigger gingham. Or maybe play with the sizes of your stripes, like Olivia Palermo oftenly does? You choose it, but I promise this mix & match is nothing else but a success!

    4. Follow your intuition

There is one simple law that I swear to and you should too: look in the mirror! As primitive as it sounds, it is the key. Just look at yourself, do you like what you see? Or does it grate on your eye? If the answer is yes to the latter, then you definitely need to change. If, however, you do look harmoniously and as antagonistic as they might be, your mixing prints do not bother your eyes, then put your smiling face on and you are free to go.

    5. Attitude is key

Maybe I should have started with this one. If you are not comfortable with people looking at you and being in the spotlight, then you should give this idea up. For wearing mixing prints, you need a strong attitude and a quite exuberant personality. You will be noticed if you feel constrained wearing bold outfits, and that will most probably make you look ridiculous.

Now that I am done with all this pleading, here are some pictures of a daring mix & match outfit. The skirt was already bold, as it has three different prints on it. So it would have been easier to put a simple shirt on top. But it would have been too foreseeable. And then, it would have stolen from the entire allure of the skirt. So I put a floral top and a headband in the same print. Because after an earlier post, we all loved socks with sandals, I put them on repeat. So here is what I got. Do tell me what you think in the comments below.

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