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How to find time for friends and family?

Most of us are forever caught in hectic activities which start the moment we open our eyes in the morning, and end…wait, never? Which is why balancing life and family is very important and yet another activity that should be prioritised on our lists of already super prioritised activities. Well, if you opened this page hoping to find useful advice for yourself, I tricked you! I do not have the answer, ok? And the title of this article was a real and quite desperate question.

If you are following me on Instagram, you know that my sister is visiting us at the moment and this is quite a long one. And while this is something I am always looking forward to, it is quite hard for me to keep up with her. Like any kid, she needs attention. As for me, like any adult who’s recently quit her job for freelancing but who has a lot of crazy dreams, I need to work. So finding time between work, family, friends, and your partner is utterly hard. I know I need to develop a kind of system, but no success has been registered so far. Not to mention house keeping, which I have really been struggling with lately. I must say I admire all those women who have three kids, impressive careers and big and perfectly clean houses. So, if anyone knows how to become one of them, kindly contact me asap.

In the meanwhile, I leave you with these wonderful pictures taken in a German field on the way from Moldova in a 5 minutes stop (I told you time is short!).

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