His shirt…

Abercrombie & Fitch men’s shirt, Zara jeans and bag, Asos shoes

What can be more sensual than a woman wearing her man’s shirt (or…who knows?..maybe other man’s) ? Be it after a long passionate night, on a creative day, or just because she suddenly ran out of clothes (for the 1 millionth time); a man’s shirt adds more femininity than any dress does. The clumsiness she is wearing it with, makes her as graceful as you can ever imagine. Admire her, love her, adore her, want her…


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Now if it comes to my outfit, I absolutely adore it…I absolutely adore him, maybe that’s why… I know that putting a shirt in a different way is not a news in the fashion world, but I still find it original, as you can still add some personality and make it different. And then, it became needless to say that fashion has no rules anymore- YOU are your own Fashion! And, please, do notice my cutie shoes, as I am pretty sure the shirt wouldn’t look the same without them.

14123996_1268008373249723_908411620_o 14164140_1268008719916355_37996500_o


Sooo…Dear Men, make sure you have enough shirts in your closet, you know, just in case…





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