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retro look

I have always been sensitive to retro looks. I don’t know why. I follow the trends and I really love being up-to-date when I create my outfits. But on the other hand, nothing makes me feel more comfortable than a look with a retro vibe, no skirt is more feminine than a midi one, and no jewelry is more beautiful than a vintage one. This infinite source of elegance and modest sophistication is simply seductive. It’s unexplainable, as I never lived in 50s or 60s. Or maybe this is the exact reason- the desire to touch something that I will never have the chance to really live, to be a part of something that is already gone?

retro look

With that being said, I decided to go all-in when I created this look and not only make it retro, but also red. Because, yes, I wanted it to be feminine, strong, passionate, funny, old-fashioned, attractive, impertinent- EVERYTHING! And if there is one color that embodies everything- this is red. And I created my Vie en rouge.
retro look

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Outfit details: & Other Stories skirt, Zara shoes and bag
retro look retro lookretro look retro look retro look retro look retro look retro look retro lookflowe print outfit

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