Love will save the world!

Happy Valentine’s Day! My boyfriend and I celebrated it yesterday, because when work comes our way, we go around and find another way. So we moved Valentine’s Day. Because we love this holiday, we love celebrating love. And to be honest I don’t understand why people make weary faces when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I’ve heard opinions about how commercial this day is and how fake and kitchy it has become.

But come on, why would Valentine’s Day teddy bears be more kitschy than Christmas plastic reindeers, not to mention the Halloween officially declared circus or Easter “cute” bunnies? I know, I know, skeptics will say that they don’t need a specific day to celebrate love. But hey, do you do it every day? Surprize: NO. So why not just embrace a beautiful, yet kitschy holiday. This world needs love, to heal its long ago forgotten wounds, to make it better. And until humanity becomes mature enough to make this possible every day, I prefer having one day of love, even with the cost of seeing all those ugly pink teddy bears, red balloons and plastic hearts. Because however fake they might look, they humanize us, they save us from this bitter routine, they remind us of our beloved ones and bring the childish romantics into action just for one beautiful day.

I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and I really hope that you have experienced the happiness of feeling incredible love, that is able to move mountains! Because I truly believe, that this is the best gift one can get, and even if it is not mutual, it is better to give it without getting it back, than to never feel it al all.

Valentine's Day

flower print outfit



  1. Looking fab out there dear! Love the gorgeous and cozy sweater and that elegant polka dress on you dear. Such a chic and sophisticated look! Those red OTK boots also simply pops out of the photo, which is just lovely.

    Jessica |

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