Masculine femininity

Selected masculine suit, Zara bag, Zara shoes, Six earrings

The history of women wearing suits is just fascinating. We’ve created controversy, we’ve attracted eyes and we made the suit one of our safest style weapons. From the 1870s, when actress Sarah Bernhartd scandalized Paris by wearing a trouser suit, from the first iconic suit designed by Coco Chanel in 1914, to Hillary Clinton’s beloved pantsuits taking center stage lately; suits have been a source of protest, freedom and even power for always fighting for their spot under the sun women.  

I have always loved masculine cut clothes and I think that they give us more femininity than any dress does. They make us look strong and confident, beautiful and sexy. Not to disconsider men and their attractiveness, but masculine clothes look much more appealing on women. Here is my way of wearing this statement piece. A nice belt to contour the waist, beautiful vintage inspired earrings, a narrow view to the lingerie and a funny minaudiere and…voilà: a simple but so sophisticated look. I did not exaggerate with accessorizing, though it might well be an option when wearing such a minimalistic outfit.  




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