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Monday favorites. The ultimate guide to choosing your winter coat.

This morning I had ice over the top of my car. So, winter will not be late this year and while clothes we wear inside the office are of most women’s focus, the outwear should not be forgotten either. So I prepared this ultimate guide to choosing your winter coat. Note that we are looking for a coat suitable both for business and casual outfits.

1. Look for quality

Nothing looks cheaper than a bad quality coat, which is otherwise nice. And I by any means do not mean that it should cost an arm and a leg. You just have to look at the composition. Do not buy the trick of a “wool” label, as this is often a marketing trap and the fabric only contains a small percentage of wool. Always double check the composition labels. Also, do not forget to pay attention to how it is recommended to be taken care of, as this should be a suitable and affordable method for you.

2. Go for simple cuts and prints

Some interesting shape or print is always attractive, but think of how long it will last. Will it be fresh next season? Or will you not get bored of it? Quality coats are usually an investment, so you have to think of it as a timely piece, that would go with both your business and casual outfits too.

3. Compensate with colors

In terms of color, you can basically choose anything you wish, but since you would normally choose a simple cut, I recommend an interesting color. Black, grey, and camel are the all-times classics, but to make my already dark winters brighter, I went for this intense blue color. Just make sure that the bold color is still going well with most of your outfits, and you will not look like a rainbow. You want to look attractive, not ridiculous.

4. Do not robotize yourself

Nothing is more uncomfortable than a coat with no enough room for underlying layers. Always think that you should be able to fit your business blazer and cozy oversized sweater under. Do not exaggerate though, teddy bears are nice, but you don’t want to be one of them.

Now, to make things interesting, I added the beret and the basket bag to my outfit. Yes, I have developed some kind of an obsession for this head accessory, but here’s the disappointment: I am not planning to get rid of it anytime soon 🙂 . As for the bag, replace with a bigger one to make it office appropriate.
winter coat

Outfit details: & Other Stories coat, Public Desire boots, & Other Stories bag, NA-KD beret

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