If you are following me on Instagram, you know that I recently quit my business degree- related full time job. It has been two weeks since I am not waking up at 5:30 AM, driving one hour to the single place I hated more that the dentist’s room, and spend 8 hours doing something that does not challenge me. It has also been two weeks since those 8 hours a day ended adding up to a pretty generous financial reward, that would convince me keep the path at the end of each stiff month. The weight of an elephant felt on my chest the day I was going to tell my boss about my decision to end this affair, and the same elephant transformed into a blade immediately after. Truth was, I had no back up plan. I did not search for a job before and I had no major savings in my account. I only had this blog, that I desperately love. I was very much used with the comfort of the fairly good money I was earning. I had very kind colleagues and the job could have been very prospective for my future career.

But I was constantly living with and fighting the feeling that I was in the wrong place. And when put on paper, the bunch of pros were confidently tipping the balance against one single minus: “I felt bad”.  The very good salary, the stability, the stupid CV (they say it has to look in a certain way if you want a fair career), the people around me who considered that I must be crazy to quit for nothing….everything was annoyingly telling me that I must be stupid. But I had a friend that I wanted to take good care of and that was my heart. Many years ago, as a little girl, I promised myself that I would always listen to and follow my heart. I don’t know how sustainable a decision it was both for my career and for my pockets, but I certainly was true to myself and did not let that little Corina down.

Now my job is here. I am blogging full time and it does make me happy. I broke free from a routine that was literally eating me. I discovered that it is ok to not live by certain standards induced by society. It is also ok to not have a plan or to not know what exactly you want in that moment. It is ok to live with a certain amount of uncertainty, and it is absolutely ok to start over again. I discovered that many things I thought I knew about myself were not necessarily true. And it is damn painful. But it is also ok. I might not have a secure physical job in a traditional 9 to 5 meaning, but my most important job now is to start learning and listening to myself from scratch. And I promise it is the most difficult thing I have ever done, but it is one I needed. And here, on the blog, I am being myself and it is the job that challenges and stimulates me. And it honestly requires much more skills than my previous “normal” job. I am doing what I love and that is already rewarding enough. I am free and this was essentially the only thing I ever craved.

Outfit details: River Island dress, Asos Hat, Mango earrings, Asos sunglasses

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