The perfect summer suit

If there is something I really miss in summer, it is wearing suits. You know I am such a suit girl, that every now and then, when I run out of ideas, I put a suit. And more often than not, it becomes a success. Well, a good summer suit is hard to find, because a well fitting suit is usually made of stiff fabrics, and stiff fabrics are by no means cool or refreshing. Not this time! I don’t know what this Missguided suit is made of, but it is definitely not stiff, doesn’t make you sweat, and it is absolutely flowing!

Now practical things aside, the design is what really matters, after all. And what is more chic than a military/sailor suit in the hottest of the months? I promise, even if you go to the most boring of the offices, you’ll feel as if you are taking over the streets of say south of France (OK, I’ve never been, but this is my image of it!). To make the picture complete, this suit needs proper accessorising, which, besides the jewellery and the baker boy hat, is given by this perfect match Tommy Hilfiger bag! The bag was subject to a huge sale. Unfortunately, it is sold out, but I found some similar items for you.

flower print outfit


  1. This is really a fabulous summer suit! I can see why you love it so much. All the stripes give me very sailor vibes and this is exactly what I like in the summer. And of course, you really can’t go wrong with stripes. They are such an elongating print and look fabulous on everyone. The gold buttons are a nice added detail too. Wearing suits are one of my favorite things to wear too, and in all honesty, the only reason I don’t tend to wear them in the summer is because I get too hot. Usually I’ll wear either trousers or a blazer but never both. I think linen is a great option when it comes to heat, and of course, wearing suits in the evenings can work too! I’m definitely going to have to check this suit out – and you look beautiful dear!

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