Coincidence or not, it is the second pink Wednesday here on Un bouquet d’amour. Shall we make up a Wednesdays series of such posts? Midweeks may be stressing and really full, so why not wear this funky color to bring up some life in the middle of the week? Don’t tell me you don’t smile when you see someone wearing bright pink. It just makes up a happy mood. And you know what? You can enhance that feeling if you wear pink yourself. Let us make a movement out of this. If it sounds as much of a plan to you as it sounds to me, then scroll down for some inspiration. Also, I have made it easy for you to buy the same or similar items and to create this gorgeous look.

on wednesdays we wear pink

Outfit details: Topshop jeans, Zara shoes, Zara t-shirt, TIBI blazer(see affordable version below)
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