Saona Island paradise place Caribbean turquoise waters


Turquoise- my favorite color since forever. But what a pleasure when you see it so real, so close, so pure.. on Saona Island. Psychologists say turquoise creates balance and stability, it brings harmony and builds love for the world and for yourself (source). 

Those of you who are following me on Instagram know that the summer that just passed, my boyfriend and I made a long trip to USA, from where we escaped for a few exciting days to stunning Dominican Republic. 


The Saona Island in Dominican Republic is a Paradise place in the Caribbean turquoise waters… White sand, clear waters and an infinity of emotions… When in Punta Cana, make sure you take this excursion. And if you only can afford one, then this is the perfect choice. Punta Cana is a beautiful place, but the beach can never be as magic in a populated area; which is why you have to visit Saona- because only there will you feel the strongest connection with the beauty of Caribbean Sea. A two-hours stay on the island beats any impression we got from a one-week stay in Punta Cana.






I love sea, it gives me stillness. But the Caribbean Sea is absolutely different, it gave me hope. Everything coexist in such a harmony: the colors that perfectly match each other, the sun that spoils you, the people that know how to be happy regardless of anything…I came back from there so motivated, so determined to follow my dreams. It gave me peace, it made me forgive others, it made me forgive myself for the things I haven’t done and for the dreams I betrayed. I came back from there loving everything and everybody just because they exist, and…loving and believing in myself!




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