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Shades of blue

Blue has been my favorite color since forever. Vivid, daring, but calming at the same time, different shades of blue are featured in the Pantone Color Institute palette for this fall. So how to wear blue? Well, be adventurous, go all-in and wear an all-blue-outfit! Cobalt blue is probably the boldest of the blue shades and if you want to make a statement move- then wear it! If you are more into the feminine pastel colors, choose marina blue. And finally, if you are both and you want to balance the two parts of your personality, why not wear them together?

Ton-sur-ton outfits look really chic in general. But we have to take care at details, if we really want to score high. Because the outfit was already quite bold due to its chromatics, I kept it simple in terms of cuts and prints. Also, choosing different fabrics enhances the distinction between the shades. In terms of accessories, a blue bag would have made the outfit too correct and too boring, which is why I chose this bag in different shades of brown. It could have also been orange, green, and even red. It just has to be the right shade.

This all-blue-outfit is a head to toe Zara look (pants, knitwear)

flower print outfit

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