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Social media and body confidence

In the era of social media and virtual life, “standards” are being encrypted in our minds obtrusively, without even giving us the chance to choose. The paradox of nowadays’ culture of achievement is that no matter how much you work, your precarious self-esteem is just one Instagram picture closer and closer every day. Despite all the good things that blogging’s brought to me and all the doors it’s opened (even inside myself), I must admit that my body confidence has gone through very tumultuous times since I started. Due to the nature of my activity, I have to be present on social media, and even more damaging, I have to research other people’s social media pages.

Don’t get me wrong, most of them are inspiring and motivating, but also very much frustrating. It took me some time, several good books, and a lot of self-love to detach myself from those perfect bodies and to stop comparing myself with any other human being. I am who I am, and since there’s nobody else in line for this job, the only way to do it well is to love it, to love and accept being myself. To embrace my imperfections and to see my good parts…So yes, I am not perfect, but why should I be so? Nor should you! What is beautiful about this world is that it is not perfect. The most important lesson I learned from my mom is that she allows herself to be imperfect. She is aware of that, and she cultivates that, and she is damn seductive in doing so.

By no means am I saying that you should stop working and accept yourself just the way you are, and fall into the destructive state of complaisance. I am just saying that hatred cannot generate great results. You will only get them out of love, only if you love your body enough, will you work enough to have it the way you want it. But until you get there, enjoy every moment of the process and be patient to yourself. And you should only do it, if you really need it. Try to avoid visiting Instagram at least three days in a row. If you still feel bad about your body image, then do something. But chances are that you will not find yourself as “bad-looking” anymore, because you will not compare yourself with somebody who works hard to show you only the best part of her. And you cannot judge her, because, after all, this is her job- and she has to do it at the highest. But don’t forget that you only see on social media what somebody chooses to show you!

body confidence body confidence

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