Four things to consider for a successful shopping experience

We all have been there: bought something we felt was really cool, but ended up not wearing it at all. How many pieces of unworn clothes do you have, or you don’t even remember? Well, we all have made decisions that were absolutely not sustainable for our pockets. With the cold season quickly settling, many of you are running after new wardrobe essentials, and I just want to prevent you from unwise shopping. And, I am telling you, all you have to do for a successful shopping experience, is considering the following four things.

1. The colour

The first thing you see is the colour of the garment. Make sure that this looks good on you. Do not choose a colour that doesn’t match the shade of your skin. Did you know that an unsuitable colour can make you look tired or unhealthy?
Also, choose a print that fits your body shape. Play with the volumes. Bigger patterns add volume, do not even lose time trying a huge polka dot skirt, if your hips are rather wide.

The chicest way to wear polka dots
!!! In this outfit I played with patterns. It is very important that I chose the smaller pattern for the lower part of my body, as I have rather prominent hips and don’t really want them to look even bigger.

2. The cut

Know your body and what looks flattering on you. Don’t even dig your feet into those skinny jeans, you know it’s not gonna work. Spend some time studying your body and what looks best on you. This will save you a lot of time and money later.

Vacation ready: linen, off the shoulders top and straw hat
!!! I feel like the cleavage is one of the most flattering parts of my body, so I often show it off (if appropriate!) (see outfit here).

3. The length

Considering the length of the garments you buy will literally allow you to play with your silhouette and take the best out of it. And if you think that I am talking about your bottoms, well, you are right, but the story doesn’t end here. Al details are of key importance: length of your blazer, the length of the sleeves, do pay attention to them. A wisely chosen length will should make you look taller or slimmer.

!!! I do not have the thinnest legs, so I have to be extra careful with the lengths of my skirts, especially when I wear ankle boots, as they steal some of the legs’ length too. If your legs are straight, but not skinny, go ahead and show them off (see more of this outfit here). However, take care that any length between mid tight and knees will make the look big. You have two options here: a) go for a little higher than the mid calf; b) choose midi or maxi. Anywhere around your knees is not flattering for you, and in fact for most body shapes.

socks and sandals

4. Matching

Ask yourself: what am I going to wear this with? If an answer doesn’t immediately pop into your mind, this is not because shopping gets you too tired to think, it is because you don’t have a complementary item for the piece of cloth you want to buy. I will tell you more, you should have at least two complementary items, but, of course, the more the better. You should be able to imagine a complete styling with the item you want to buy. If you can’t, then skip it.

!!! Even such a recognisable, statement pattern top can be worn at least two times. (see outfit here)

That’s it! Four simple things to save you time and money and offer you a successful shopping experience.
Now, be honest, how mindful is your shopping? Do you pay attention to these 4 simple things for a successful shopping experience?

flower print outfit

  1. May I say all of those styles are so jaw-dropping except the Third point first image. Did not like that much, but rest is amazing. I always say perfect cut does not exist, but now I have seen everything. Even the model pulled it off very well.

  2. These are great tips! I struggle with the length , I’m quite petite so I always need to find the smallest size. Sometimes, I even have to alter them. Ugh. Anyway, I love all your outfits!!!

  3. These are such great tips! I feel like for the last few years I’ve been in a bit of a style slump and I’ve had a really hard time even picking out things I like at the store. So this kind of gives me a different way of looking at the shopping experience as a whole. I will definitely keep these tips in mind!

  4. These dresses looks to much sophisticated. Seriously, you have a great sense of collection. I’ll share it with my sister. She might find some of these dress for both outing and professionalism.

  5. I’m all about the colour…I know my shades and I don’t even look at colours that are not in my wardrobe… Sometimes I go wrong with the cut unfortunately.
    I adore the images and the styles shown, my favourite is where pattern mixed with pattern (the plaid patterned shirt with the mini skirt)

  6. Yes, yes, yes !! I can`t stress enough how important all points are. Fitted garments in the right shade for our skin tone will always look good on us comparing to baggy garments. Regarding matching, I use the same rule: If I don`t see myself wearing the item at least 3 times (3 different outfits), I won`t buy it. With vintage clothes is different. At the moment, my collection is not that big, so buying a vintage piece that doesn`t match my wardrobe is an exception,
    Pupici, draga Corina !

  7. This is such a great list! Most of which I never do! That is why I have several suitcases full of clothes that don’t fit, don’t look good on me, don’t match anything, and are not even my style. Ugh. I will have to pay more attention!

  8. I love the way you make every picture look as if it was a model posing for her shoot. I bet you had a blast make your blog. I love all your tips and styles, you gave wonderful advice for everything to have a successful shop!

  9. Your shots are really fantastic and it looks like your such a great model. Your outfit is really good as well. You’ve got some great tips for women and how they should style their clothes or outfits for everything. This is such a very interesting post.

  10. Having been a wholesaler of women’s apparel for over a decade I believe all four are important, as you have pointed out. For me personally, though, length is the make it or break it. P.S. LOVE the two plaids.

  11. What a great walkthrough! I always love putting thought into the color of my clothes – color has so much meaning and can make such a statement! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. I don’t think i Have ever thought about shopping this way. I usually just wander around shops and try different things on, until I find something I like. Maybe next time I should think about these tips and decide what I want to buy before heading to the shops.

    1. I can feel you here. Actually, I think fall is the biggest bidder when it comes to fashion, as all those accessories can really give any otherwise simple outfit a very special look.

    1. If you follow these tips, I think you won’t need need that much time. Just be mindful and don’t lose your time with things that are not going to work.
      Because, truth is, we kind of know from the very beginning what the fate of the things we buy will be 😀

  13. Oh wow thanks for the advice, I never think of any of these things when shopping and end up with articles for which I have nothing to pair up with.

  14. I have to say that I love all of your outfits that you have put together. I especially love the green dress with the gorgeous brown boots. Dressing stylishly is a gift and I love all of the tips you have listed. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hello, Kristy. Well, you can just learn your body and from then on it is going to be really easy to know from the beginning what suits you, even without trying.
      I started to post many educational articles on my Instagram page, so stay tuned, as there will be info and advice for all body types.
      Thanks for stopping by :*

  15. I love all of these tips. I don’t go real (like to the store and trying things on) clothes shopping very often – but it is important to have a strategy and think realistically about what you’re picking out for yourself.

    1. Me neither, I am the true beneficiary of this digital world, so I almost always shop online. but even so, both, in terms of time and money saving and sustainability, it is important to have a system.
      Thanks for your comment, Marie!

  16. I am so pathetic in choosing dresses for self. I just jump into jeans and a T shirt and I am done. Next shopping will be done with these tips in mind. I hope to surprise people with my new looks 🙂

  17. These are great tips. I’m not a fan of shopping for me it takes too much time and i never find what I’m looking for. These outfits are amazing.

    1. Believe it or not, I hate shopping too. It is a very tiring activity. But I do like fashion, so I had to develop a certain system of shopping, so it takes as little time as possible.
      Thanks, Carmen!

  18. So true. Closet should work so we have to keep in mind what we already have. I know a lot of people having assorted clothes hanging in closet because it doesn’t work on them at all

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