As we gradually (or maybe not) get rid of the clothing layers, there’s room to show off the best of your accessories, on top of the best parts of your body. Summer is the best time to wear jewellery, because first of all there is room for them, and then they do not conflict with your clothing. So here are my favourite summer accessories.

Nothing screams more summer than a jewellery inspired by the sea. One seashell necklace is good, but two are just perfect. Layer them on your sun-kissed neckline to feel like you’re one with nature . The ocean offers infinite possibilities here: shells, corals, and even pearls- they all come from there. My necklaces are from Mango and I couldn’t be more happy about them.

Also, all types of bracelets and rings are here to complement your hot weather looks. Layer several pieces on one of your hands. To prevent the sticky situation when the temperatures hit the 30 degrees line, try to use thin garments, which fit loose on your body.
If the garments above could be worn in the cold season too, then the body chains and the ankle bracelets are 100% the prerogatives of summer. So why not use the chance and wear them during these three months?
Browse through the selection of summer jewellery below, to find your favourite pieces.

Full Mango Outfit: 
Trousers, Shirt (similar), Jewellery 
flower print outfit