Think pink!

What a pleasure to be back! It’s been one tough month: busy, intense, full of achievements, but also disappointing to tears. A month where I felt closer than ever to my dream, but at the same time felt like it was slipping away through my fingers. This outfit does not really represent me, nor does it represent the state of my soul right now. But it is instead about the state of my mind! Even if I don’t feel pink yet, I think pink!

As I am going through life, Her Majesty is being extremely generous in giving me lessons and forcing me to draw mind-setting conclusions. And if it does not challenge me directly, it sends people my way, that silently teach me things through their own examples. I was thinking the other day about how couples go through difficult times together and how they find power to overcome them. About all the hopeless things that might happen and all the good that never seems to come. But I actually think there can be something magical in passing through tough times, when people struggle hard, intensely, with losses and disappointments, in aching loneliness, with little good steps and light being so miser to them. A chance to know yourself, to know your partner, to become wiser, more patient and more grateful. A chance to connect to each other, discover the fears and the strength to overcome them, penetrating the deepest of each others’ rooms. A chance to be a better you and to find the best in your partner, even when its hard, even when it is deeply hidden, even when you are exhausted and you don’t believe anymore, but you find strength to make a believer out of your him. I am also convinced that gratitude rises from fighting. When a ray comes, and it absolutely does, you see it as full, warm, embracing LIGHT.

Outfit details: Zara sweater, Asos beanie, EVIDNT jeans, Zara boots

flower print outfit

  1. Those pictures are so stunning! The snow with the pink sweater and OMG you have the most beautiful eyes ever!
    I saw those boots the other day at Zara and I really hope they still have them because I’m dying to get them!

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